Low Annual Mileage

We can tailor your services to your mileage

n many cases we see Landrovers and Range Rovers with very few miles on the clock that are due a service based on time between services. In these cases we can tailor a service specifically to the number and type of miles that your vehicle has covered, saving you both time and money.


Our tailored approach to servicing vehicles means that you don’t end up paying for unnecessary work and you only pay for what really needs doing. Our clients appreciate our straight forward, efficient approach to vehicle servicing which is why we are the Landrover and Range Rover service garage of choice in Cheshire.


To book your Landrover or Rangerover in for a service please call us on 01606 47500.

The team at JD automotive

The team at JD automotive is led by Dave Salmon who worked for Landrover /Range Rover for 30 years in a range of technical roles including as design engineer on the development of the Range Rover. As a Range Rover and Land Rover enthusiast as well as a Range Rover / Landrover professional the team at JD Automotive focus on modern Range Rovers and Landrovers as they fully understand the high technology and complexity of these vehicles.

The team have the skill to match servicing requirements to your usage of your vehicle where servicing to the manufactures service procedure is not required or appropriate. All spare parts are OEM standard and Lubricants are as specified by the Manufacturer.

In addition to servicing and diagnostic based repair work we offer MOTs, Tyres and Batteries to provide a comprehensive service to deliver all of your year round vehicle maintenance requirements.

We have a small selection of hand-picked Landrovers and Range Rovers for sale. If you require a specific model of Range Rover or Landrover we can use our industry knowledge and contacts to locate a sound and reliable vehicle which meets your requirements.

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